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Summary A framework for Open-Source Software Factories
Category process
License GNU General Public License
Owner(s) alankelon

What is OXE?

Open eXperience Environment, the OXE Open Source Software Factory framework, intends to be an organization inhabited by developers engaged in a common effort: develop high quality software at low cost, with reduced timeframe and using, cutting-edge technologies.

OXE Factory will define the minimum resources to build Open Source softwares based on software quality models and agile development. Therefore, it can be easily applied to help Software Factories to involve the Open Source community efforts.

To enhance this aim, OXE presents a standard process that will be instantiated at each new project. Furthermore, OXE provides its expertise on coordination and systematization in developing open source software, with artifacts and templates ready to be used as necessary. This project aims to create a framework for Software Factories applied to Open Source projects. Our site is located at http://www.oxe.makes.it, see it to get the project's complete description. To look at the process itself, please refer to IXI Process.

As a direct result of our studies, an Open Source project, named VENSSO, is being first launched as the proof-of-concepts of our framework. Furthermore, we are constantly improving our development processes based on the instances of each project.

OXE is Open Source

OXe belives on the power of Open Source Projects and recognize its software development process. Our strategies include calling community's attention to the software project, as soon as possible, by the first prototype released. Besides, open source community developers will be engaged in the product lifecycle, attempting to spread coding activities and promoting customers interface between OXE and the community.

OXE is Research and Development

OXE factory has an approach based on recent state-of-the-art technologies and surveys. Our team is composed of researchers specialized in software development, database technologies, testing and project management. Our team is composed of 3 Ph.D. and 8 Msc Students from Informatics Center at Federal University of Pernambuco - Brazil

OXE is Business

OXE factory is concerned with stakeholders' requirements and intends to promote communication and integration with them, during all software development process instantiation. Our aim is to have our customers as part of our team, helping us to elicit requirements and to prioritize functionalities.


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